Welcome to Guardians of the Nation International (GOTNI)

Guardians of the Nation International (GOTNI) is a non-profit Youth Leadership Capital Development Organisation with a passion to nurture various categories of young people under forty years of age, into transformational leaders who will impact positively the various sectors of our society and economy in the nearest future. GOTNI has become a great brand with a sustainable leadership development plan that requires a huge support base to enable her to positively impact more lives. Over the years, GOTNI has experienced great success in several of her nationally organised leadership summits and round tables with thousands of participants of passionate youth population in attendance.


A transformed and prosperous nation blessed with men and women of Honour, Vision, Integrity, Service and Courage as her leaders and followers.


To transform our nation, by consciously grooming and nurturing the youths into transformational leaders who have developed the commitment to serve with integrity and excellence.
GOTNI BRANDS GOTNI Leadership Clinic – Hosts young professionals who have a desire to be relevant in the transformation of Nigeria to a monthly Leadership Clinic. This includes the GOTNI Leadership Clinics aired every workday on radio and television.

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